Standing 5'8", Michael T Ferraro is an actor who's blessed with good looks and talent.

Weighing an ideal 167lbs., he has worked hard to achieve the athletic build he now possesses. While wildly passionate about acting, he is one of the  athletic american male actors who can also nicely fill in the producer and screenwriter roles. Based in Manhattan, New York, Michael T Ferraro actor , has had notable roles in films like 2014's The Factory and Rise Of The Silent Wolf. While comfortable in playing action-packed roles, he is well versed in playing a variety of roles for various film genres.

Having graduated from the New York Film Academy and attending numerous acting workshops, he feels it's time and that he's ready, more than ever, to take on more challenging roles as an actor. Of all his many skills and interests, Michael is most passionate about acting. He believes that his ridiculously strong work ethic along with his God-given natural ability for acting are the keys to more future success in his acting career. He believes that where he is today does not dictate where he will be tomorrow. In fact, he tells us that what's important is not where you are right now, but who you are becoming.

For Michael T Ferraro, it's more than just a race to get to the top - more importantly, he says that it's all about laying a strong foundation that will help you stay at the top later on in your career.

If you zoom to the top without building a strong foundation, then you can't expect your career to stay on top for long. However, if you work on building a strong foundation by continuously honing your skills, taking care of your body, taking care of your mind, and consistently keeping yourself busy with activities that help you improve your craft and help you improve as a person, then pretty soon you'll have the type of foundation that can hold you up at the top of your career for a long, long time to come. Poised to make it as one of today's most promising martial arts actors, watch out for Michael T Ferraro!

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