Michael T Ferraro actor, martial arts actor, producer, screenwriter, model, teacher, runner, an inspirational speaker, dancer, stylist and more!

While gifted with a natural talent for the arts, Michael T Ferraro actor, believes that talent, on its own, will never be enough. To truly reach the level of success he wishes to achieve, he knows that he should not just be talented but be skilled as well. The difference, he says between talent and skill is that talent is God-given. It is something you've had with you naturally since the day you were born. On the other hand, skill is something you learn and master through hours and hours of tireless dedication and practice. He believes that if you have both and continuously strive to hone both your skills and talent, you can be unstoppable.

In today's entertainment industry, being physically fit and well-trained in various martial arts should no longer be confined to the likes of martial arts actors. To truly make your mark in the industry, you have to be diverse, multi-talented, and multi-skilled. Michael Ferraro is a shining example of a person who does not stop improving himself. Whether physically, mentally, or emotionally, he makes it a point to learn something new everyday. Aside from being an actor, producer, screenwriter, and model, he is also a teacher, a long distance runner, an inspirational speaker, a dancer, diver, and more! He also engages in various sports like Boxing, Muay Thai, body building, football, baseball and swimming.

One of the athletic American male actors and martial arts actors of today, Michael plans to make this year his big year. With the right amount of talent, skill, determination, and perseverance, there's no stopping this driven young man from New York.

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